about me

it started way back when…

Years ago when I had my first baby, I spent hours and hours preparing for labour and childbirth. I didn’t give a thought to what would happen after my baby arrived. I assumed breastfeeding would magically “just work,” that my body would bounce back to normal in a week or so, and that I could learn everything I needed to know about parenting from books.

So I was shocked by how quickly sleep deprivation, exhaustion and isolation consumed me. My recovery from childbirth took not weeks, but years. The effect on my mental and physical health was debilitating. I was utterly unprepared for the massive transformation of motherhood… and it never occurred to me to ask for support.


As a business owner and mum of two very energetic primary-aged kids, my life is very different now (and not just because I get to go to the toilet alone and sleep for more than 40 minutes at a time).

I ask for help when I need it, without feeling guilty.

I feel deeply connected to my circles of support.

I prioritise nature, movement, art, creativity and authentic conversation – not because they are “nice to have” but because they are essential to my mental health.

That’s what I want for all mums. For you to feel a sense of deep belonging, confidence in your parenting, and to have time and space to refill your cup without feeling guilty.

Most of all, I want you to know that it’s normal for mums to need ongoing help – and that you deserve it. We were never meant to do this alone.

My qualifications and a bit of work history

Degrees and certificates aren’t that important to me. I place more importance on someone’s lived experience and the personal connection. However, I know that qualifications can be reassuring when you’re entrusting your wellbeing to someone, so here’s a bit of my background.

I think of myself as a lifelong learner. I’m always curious to expand my knowledge, especially when it comes to postpartum care, maternal wellness, mental health and neurodiversity, trauma healing…and many other topics that fascinate me.

Trainings I’ve completed:

I’ve also studied with Birth Arts International and The Nafsa Project School.

I’ve presented professional development workshops to local and national organisations, including the Perinatal Wellbeing Centre in Canberra.


Previous education:

and i love making an impact

Here’s what happy clients say

I really enjoy the circles – they (and you!) have been an amazing source of comfort, laughter and support over the past year.


Having access to someone to trust for advice who is up to date with current infant and postnatal information is invaluable.