what mums say

With baby #2 on the way, I attended Antonia’s workshop with the hope that I might get some tips on how to cope better with sleep deprivation, especially with the demands of simultaneously caring for a jealous toddler weighing on my head. But the content that Antonia presented inspired me to throw my aim of just ‘coping’ out the door. What I glimpsed was the possibility that instead the weeks after birth could be a magical, rejuvenating, joyful experience. 

 I would recommend the Peaceful Postnatal workshop to anyone having a baby, regardless of whether you already have strong social support or not. You only experience this amazing event a few times in your life – make it as special as you can 🙂


Antonia is an exceptional listener, who brings to her consultations and workshops a depth of knowledge gained through her personal parenting journey, as well as her in-depth research and studies.

I felt so comfortable in her presence and felt able to share my fears, ideas and hopes. I also felt reassured by her structured approach to this time of seemingly enormous uncertainty. 

I would highly recommend her workshop- as a space for singles or couples to workshop their ideas of the post-birth period. She also offers an invaluable service of connecting new parents with formal and informal structures and circles, as well as providing direct support and knowledge. I can’t recommend her services highly enough to people, like me, about to enter this amazing new period of life!


Being pregnant my mind is very much only thinking about the birth so it has been so good to have someone tell me things to consider post birth to reduce stress levels!


You do an amazing job with the circles and should be proud of your efforts to support and connect mothers. It really is valuable work!


“I started coming to Mothers Circle when I was still pregnant. Seeing new mums with their babies was the most valuable part for me. All the books I’d read hadn’t prepared me for the reality of looking after a baby.”


Being pregnant my mind is very much only thinking about the birth so it has been so good to have someone tell me things to consider post birth to reduce stress levels!


Antonia was amazing in supporting me through my postnatal year. Ultimately she helped me help myself. I wasn’t really sure what I needed when we signed up. I just knew that I had to try to have a better postnatal period with the second child.

We come up with strategies for what I may need and how to ask family for help. She has a gentle, non-judgemental approach which really helped as a sounding board for any issues that come up. She helped me access high quality services of other care providers when required.

Having access to someone to trust for advice who is actually up to date with current infant and postnatal information is invaluable.

I also become a member of a mother’s circle run by Antonia. It was a very heart warming and cathartic experience to attend the group and be surrounded by other women in a trusting safe space.


I really enjoy the circles – they (and you!) have been an amazing source of comfort, laughter and support over the past year.


Antonia is amazing! Before our appointment, I was feeling really anxious about my postnatal period and planning for it. I was instantly at ease as I felt that Antonia really got me as a person and understood. I walked away feeling inspired, confident and prepared for my postnatal period. I can’t thank you enough.