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When mothers are valued and nurtured, everyone benefits, and the family unit thrives.

I help you get the postnatal support you need – even if you’re not yet sure what that looks like.

Are you worried that after your baby is born, you’ll be too exhausted & overwhelmed to enjoy the first few weeks? Maybe you’re anxious about challenges that derailed you in the past; for many of my clients, these include breastfeeding, mental health, social isolation or sleep.

Instead, how would you like to feel calm and relaxed during the first few weeks with baby…
…deeply connected to your circles of support…
…and totally confident that you can take the inevitable challenges in your stride?

As a mother of two, I’ve walked this path before and can empathise with your experience. As a postnatal doula, my training provides me the specialised knowledge and evidence-based tools to support you on your journey.

postnatal home support

Half-day visits in your home during the first three months after your baby is born, followed by nine months of virtual support. This holistic program lays the foundation for calm & connected motherhood and is built around the concept of “fill your own cup first.”

My unique approach to postnatal support is trauma-informed and based on decades of scientific research. For best results, please contact me during your pregnancy.


Mothers Circles are my unique take on women’s circles, especially for mothers! You’ll feel deeply heard, truly valued, and renewed beyond measure – whether it’s your first bub or fifth. For pregnant people and mothers.


Educational workshops for expectant couples give you the practical tools and know-how to plan for the first 6 weeks with bub – and beyond. Inclusive and open to all parents.

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what mums say

…the content that Antonia presented inspired me to throw my aim of just ‘coping’ out the door. What I glimpsed was the possibility that instead the weeks after birth could be a magical, rejuvenating, joyful experience. 


Getting answers around all the practical stuff like sleep, weaning, going back to work – that was the most useful part for me.