postnatal support

so you can thrive as well as your baby.

Did you feel burnt out by motherhood?

You were so fatigued, stressed, and exhausted that you barely remember those first precious months with your baby. Perhaps you struggled to bond. Perhaps you didn’t meet your breastfeeding goals. Perhaps you struggled with postnatal depression, anxiety or depletion.

And now you’re pregnant again. And while you can’t wait to meet your baby, you’re terrified of falling into the pit once more.

Do you want it to be different this time?

There’s another path – one that thousands of mothers before you have walked. You can feel calm, at home in your postpartum body and at peace with your birth story.

You can feel confident in your parenting choices. You can feel connected to your community: deeply heard and truly seen – valued both as a mother and as the amazing person you are.

I’m on a mission to

bring postnatal peace to modern women, so you can enjoy mother-centred after-birth care that’s personalised to your unique lifestyle.

For thousands of years, newborn mothers enjoyed the support of their communities. They were treated like queens – and for good reason. Research indicates that not only does a woman undergo an enormous hormonal and physical shift during the postnatal time, she also experiences a permanent and life-changing neurological transformation.

Let’s merge the ancient wisdom of our ancestors with evidence-based best practice, and give new mothers the support they need to thrive.

a few ways we can do this work together

I love working with mothers who are open to transformation and ready to prioritise self-care.


Half-day visits in your home during the first three months, followed by nine months of virtual support. This holistic program lays the foundation for becoming a calm, confident, connected mother. My unique approach to postnatal support is trauma-informed and based on decades of scientific research. For best results, please contact me during your pregnancy.


Mothers Circles are my unique take on women’s circles, especially for mothers! You’ll feel deeply heard, truly valued, and renewed beyond measure – whether it’s your first bub or fifth. For pregnant people and mothers.


Educational workshops for expectant couples give you the practical tools and know-how to plan for the first 6 weeks with bub – and beyond. Inclusive and open to all parents.

what mums say

Antonia was amazing in supporting me through my postnatal year. Ultimately she helped me help myself.


I felt so comfortable in her presence and felt able to share my fears, ideas and hopes.