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postnatal support

so you can thrive as well as your baby.


You’re struggling with breastfeeding and sleep deprivation. You’re consumed by the needs of your baby and family, so your own needs get shoved to the bottom of the pile – leaving you exhausted and depleted. Self-care feels like another chore on the endless to-do list. You feel like it’s impossible to meet your own needs without neglecting your baby, but the thought of this soul-draining exhaustion continuing indefinitely makes you despair.


Learn how to meet your own needs without neglecting your baby or feeling guilty, so you can feel refreshed and energetic. Feel connected to your community, deeply heard and truly seen – valued not just as a mother but as the creative, quirky, alive person you are. Put your self-care on autopilot so that even in uncertain times, you feel able to cope with whatever arises.

I’m on a mission to

help mothers get the rest they need without having to let their babies cry it out or giving up on their breastfeeding goals.

Perhaps you, like many mothers, feel like you have to make the choice between your baby’s needs and your own. Do you give up on your breastfeeding goals because you’re exhausted….OR do you soldier through at the cost of your own mental health? Do you force your baby into a rigid routine…OR do you simply give up on ever sleeping again?

Well, guess what – I’m here to tell you that it does not need to be one or the other. You can get your needs met AND care for your baby…in the totally present, engaged, calm way you want to. You really can enjoy deep, restorative rest without leaving your baby screaming in the pram down the end of the garden!

Mothers were never meant to do this alone. I’m here to help you get the support you need while being the mother you want to be.

a few ways we can do this work together

I love working with mothers who are open to transformation and ready to prioritise self-care.

Join me at an ONLINE EVENT

FREE Webinar: How to Create Your New Normal (and make sure you never go back)

Over 91% of people DON’T want to go back to normal after this! Join us on this free 1 hour webinar and together we will:

  1. Unleash your creativity and innovation to create a positive new vision for the future.
  2. Work out exactly where to put your limited energy right now to make this vision a reality.
  3. Make it stick by developing practises that support sustainable change (even when it would be easier to go back!)

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what mums say

Antonia was amazing in supporting me through my postnatal year. Ultimately she helped me help myself.


I felt so comfortable in her presence and felt able to share my fears, ideas and hopes.